Back again – sort of

Well, I am trying to get this thing back again. Having got my own health issues under control and getting a lot of other stuff tidied up, I have decided to have another go at a blog from the Ipswich Waterfront. This time it is going to be a lot simpler.

No web cams, no weather stations, no extended chat – just photos and captions. Oh, and not every day, just when there is something interesting to show. Also, I do not intend to restrict this to just the waterfront. I am regarding it as a photographic blog of my life and interest, which means that you will get to see where else we go that provides an interesting image plus regular updates on my hobbies.

I expect to be taking and using more images than I would want to post here so i shall be regularly linking to a new Flickr photo site to back up this  blog.

It should be interesting. Let me know what you think as we go along.


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