The Maritime weekend is getting busier


Firstly, we had the M.T. Kent arrive. M.T. Kent is a working tug boat launched in 1948. According to THIS web site, she is the oldest “and finest” working tug boat – so there!


wblog 053


She was closely followed in by LT472 Excelsior which is an original Lowestoft “Smack” dating from 1921. Her web site gives a complete description.

wblog 051


Don’t forget to follow the links that I put in these descriptions – any link will open in a new page so you don’t lose the thread of the blog.

The next two arrivals that I saw (I think I missed a few as I was out and about) were from the Ipswich Transport Museum.

One was an old bus.

wblog 052


and the other was an Ipswich Trolley Bus. I was talking to someone in the local model shop who remembered travelling on these. My experience of Trolley Buses came from visiting my Aunt Mil (!) who lived in Putney Vale. We used to go down to Tooting Broadway and get on a 630 (I think) from Mitcham which took us to Wandsworth Bridge. I was a young lad then – smile. BTW, sorry about the funny angle but it was the best I could do from the balcony. I will try for some better shots tomorrow when I trip along the Waterfront for a close look-see. There are more details from the Museum about this trolley bus  HERE

wblog 054

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