Ever Hopeful

Anglo-Norden was seen this morning repainting the yellow, no parking, lines around the quay. I am sure that this is a result of people leaving cars there overnight when Suntis comes in. Still, I am not sure who is in control here because Ipswich Borough Council (IBC) has responsibility for parking in the town and their guys use that area to turn round but never bother about any cars parked there. If it isn’t IBC, then I am not sure what validity the yellow lines have (and they added a second later today so it is now a “double yellow” line area which means really no parking. There are no signs warning of penalties, which would be necessary for a private parking restriction so I am confused. In any case, I have a blue – disabled – badge so I can park on double yellow lines. We will see how this pans out. Maybe someone can explain it all to me?

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2 thoughts on “Ever Hopeful”

  1. The highway authority is Suffolk County Council. IBC no longer act as their agents but SCC have also messed up as they insisted at the Public Inquiry it was a restricted byway and that is how it is designated on the Definitive Map. Driving or parking anywhere along the dock is a criminal offence. Nobody has enforced that law because it would cause bad publicity unless of course the cops charged people for driving on a RoW. They could also charge people who obstruct the route for cycle races if the RB hasn’t been closed correctly which is common. In theory driving or parking where those yellow lines are being painted is a trespass against the owner of the land and that is not settled by a long chalk as AN were put into compulsory administration years ago. ANFP have managed to get a new law allowing them to close the quay at a limited number of times a year but that law is being disputed by me in the Appeal Court. Unfortunately your BB which I also have, has absolutely no legal standing there. It is all the most horrible mess simply because IBC and SCC didn’t know the area they attempt to run. Before we just drove along there and over the lock too.

  2. The two quays that Suntis moor against, Gasworks Quay to the north and Eagle Wharf (that’s the one pictured) to the south, I believe are owned by the Anglo Nordon Group, and therefore they are private land. AN presumably are responsible for managing them and any parking issues. It will be interesting to see how they manage what will be a growing Parking problem as the area becomes a more popular place to visit.
    There is an excellent article about the Wet Dock quay names at http://www.ipswichmaritimetrust.org.uk/publications.html

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