Where has all the interesting stuff gone?

Last winter we had visiting Dutch naval ships, tall ships racing here and back from Holland and lots of other stuff to keep us watching. This year, barely a boat is moving in the wet dock. Mind you, it might be the weather!


Now, is this the sort of weather that you want to go sailing in? Yes, it is very cold and foggy out there. But, that’s when you look down the commercial port. Looking across to Whearsted, it was a different story.


It took a good bit of fiddling with exposures to get this right. The problem is that my super switch modern camera adjusts what we used to call “the speed of the film” better known as the ASA to get the best exposed picture it can. Over-riding that lets me highlight the deepness of the colours. I took a closer image.


If you look carefully, you can see some of the hundreds of seagulls that come home to roost at nightfall.

To illustrate my point, here is the image that the camera took when set to auto-landscape mode.


As you can see, it is nowhere near as striking. Modern cameras? They take all the fun out of photography – as my grandchildren would say – NOT!

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