Nice start to the day

Had a wander down the waterfront this morning. We stopped off at The Cult. This is the old Student Union cafe next to the Uni. It has some nice comfortable armchairs, does nice tea and coffee – oh and only sells English beers! Valerie had a pot of tea and I had a Latte. They were playing a Howlin’ Wolf R&B CD. I had a chat with waitress, reminiscing about the Marquee Club in Wardour Street where Valerie and I went every Thursday in the mid-60s. We saw the first appearence in London of the Rolling Stones and were there during the period of The Yardbirds – Eric Clapton et al. Happy days until I found out many years later that Valerie hated R&B!

Try The Cult. They do a great Hamburger as well.

Later in the morning, the Wet Dock was full of seagulls.


BTW, Suntis is on her way here. due later tomorrow so Eagle Wharf is due for closure on Tuesday and Wednesday for a change.

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