Double cranes to speed up the unloading

Having lost all of yesterday, they are using two cranes to unload Suntis today. This picture was taken with my iPhone against the sun so it is a nice silhouette .

IMG_0140 (1)


Around lunchtime, Suntis started dumping its ballast. Perhaps someone can explain why this happens when they are unloading? My thought is that they would take on water when empty to achieve an ideal sailing weight. However, Suntis always dumps water whilst she is unloading, thus reducing weight! Explanation?



2 thoughts on “Double cranes to speed up the unloading”

  1. I’m guessing that the point of ballast in the lowest part of the ship is as a sort of counter-balance to the timber which is at the highest point of the ship. As the timber is removed, a) not as much ballast is required, but also b) the ship rises in the water so that the ballast gets closer to the water-line (or even rises above it) thus making the ship unstable. But I really am only guessing!!

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