Wow, what a night!

They say (as quoted in Jurassic Park) that when a butterfly flaps its wings in the Amazon a storm happens somewhere else. Well, we saw that effect yesterday – except it wasn’t so much a butterfly.

Yesterday, it was -34C in Winnipeg (-29F in old money). According to last night’s weather report, the result of this very cold weather in Canada resulted in a very high speed jet stream across the Atlantic – reputedly 200mph at 30,000ft. The result of this on this little island of ours was winds from the south and west at around 60 – 80mph at sea level. We were unable to open our bedroom window, as is our wont, because the wind was howling past. Because of the aerofoil effect of the wind passing close to the walls of the apartment block and the resulting negative pressure,, the window slams shut.

The noise was extremely loud and there were miscellaneous crashing noises. I haven’t gone to look but some of the fence on the University land down the Wet Dock fell down last time and I am presuming that some more has gone.

We were very glad that we weren’t in a boat in the dock as the water was quite rough, even thought is protected by the lock gates.

Our daughter, Debbie, had a nice comfortable 1st Class seat booked on a train from Liverpool Street out to Ipswich this morning. Unfortunately, they cancelled the train and she is now waiting for another one – sometime – to bring her up here for Christmas. Check out this report in today’s Evening Standard. 70mph Storms hit transport across the UK



One thought on “Wow, what a night!”

  1. I “liked” this in the sense that I liked the fact that you brought this to our attention and I like the fact that you guys are ok. I also like that I took the train from Liverpool Street to Ipswich, albeit I wasn’t traveling in a first class seat 😉

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