Where do seagulls go in the high winds?

On the roof of the Anglo-Norden shed – that’s where!


Whilst outside on the balcony, I noticed something odd over on the railway track. This wagon has been there for a few days. I do wish that I had an inside line somewhere that would tell me why these things happen.

IMG_0068The wagon that the Cosco container is on is not the normal drop wagon that takes two containers, such as you see on the regular Felixtowe trains. It is  a single wagon. It seems that someone else has seen the same thing. I found this on Flickr:

66538 on Griffin Wharf

It’s been there longer that I thought, though as the post above is dated 28th November!

3 thoughts on “Where do seagulls go in the high winds?”

  1. That’ll just be some waste from Sizewell that they’ve isolated while they work out what to do with it. Nothing to worry about. I’m sure. (Lol). Though if the seagulls start dropping off the roof you might want to evacuate!

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