What a night that was!

Yet another night of very high winds resulting in a very high tide this morning. Have a look at this. See the protective gates are shut but look how high the tide is against the sides of the lock. We don’t often see it that high.



Here are a couple of shots down the north bank of the commercial port. Firstly a general one:


and then a close up of M.V. Arklow Mill and T.H.V. Alert.


Arklow Mill is owned by Arklow Shipping based in Ireland. I guess that Arklow Mill is unloading grain. You can see the haze around the dockside. We get a lot of grain coming into the port. As you drive up Holywells Road and Landseer Road, you will often see grain lorries rolling back and forth from the docks. Berthed before her is Alert. Normally, Alert comes in the the Wet Dock but they have not been opening the gates too often due top the high rise.

The last image today is of a turning ship. I haven’t shown one of these recently so I thought it was about time. This one is CFL Promise from Canadian Feeder Lines. If you click on
this link you can see where she it at this moment and if you click here you can see more about her.



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