Catch up for the last few days

Firstly, I got another photo of a grain ship being unloaded.



The grain does create an effect. Normally, you would see lots of seagulls around grabbing the seed as it drops in the water.

Yesterday, the train came in and, as I was going out, I took the camera and went round to the side of the New Cut. Firstly, here is the buffer stop at the end of the track. Let’s hope, for the sake of the litter bin, that no train actually hits the stops!



A bit further up from the buffers is a crossing gate that protects the rest of the track. As you can see, this is open. These are very large sand and gravel wagons.



Lastly, we are up to today. It has been extremely windy today – expected gusts of up to 50mph! We had a lot of rain overnight and a lightning and thunder storm around 7-ish. Here is a view, this afternoon, from my hobby room window.



It is not nice out there. The wind is howling past the apartment windows. It is very difficult to walk round the corner from the Waterfront into Patteson Road as the wind is being funnelled between the apartment block and Anglo-Norden’s wall.


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