Three very different views

Firstly, we had a very large ship – around 7,500 tons deadweight. It is the Riza Sonay, registered in Istanbul, Turkey. Due to the wind, she was brought in by two of the local tugs: Gray Salvor and Svitzer Intrepid.



We could see that there was another boat down the Waterfront along with Alert but we missed it coming in. We did get it HMC Seeker leaving, though.



Lastly, we had a yacht sailing up and down the Wet Dock. We don’t normally see sails so this was a nice sight. It was obviously practicing as it did the round trip twice.


4 thoughts on “Three very different views”

  1. Hi!
    Didn’t realise your blog had started again…’s great to see you up and running again!! I’ve got a nice dawn panormramic from the top of Stoke Quay building site if your interested in seeing it? Keep up the good work, Mike

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