Very high tide today

We have seen some high tides recently but we haven’t ever seen it go over the dock edge around us. Fortunately, that is still below the road level so it was only a tiny amount of flood.





We had a drive round onto the island on our way back from the station this afternoon. I managed to get a shot of the boats lined up out of the water – for the winter.


The whole island area if full of laid up boats like this waiting for the spring to really arrive – yesterday was supposed to be the first day of spring but reality says that it will be a few weeks yet!

Lastly, as we went around, I managed to get a shot of HMC Seeker betted outside the Uni. I don’t normally see these from the other side.


It was a very grey day but that is better than driving rain and high winds. Mind you, we went across the Orwell Bridge a little later and it was distinctly gusting up there.

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