Contrasting Skys

It always fascinates me how fast the sky changes as we get closer to sundown. These two images were taken on Friday evening and just 13 minutes apart.

I was nearly going to call this entry – “Some Contrails and Cranes’ but…


4 Patteson Road, Ipswich - England, United Kingdom

The second shot is an iPhone panorama.

Lastly, for Friday, there was a flock of seagulls nestling down for the evening on Anglo-Norden’s roof.


My friend, Dan took a shot of some seagulls recently in Great River Park in East Hartford, Connecticut:

He mentioned how noisy they were. Well, all I can say is, you should be here at 6am. There are so many seagulls, the noise is deafening if you have the window open. Photo (c) 2014 and courtesy of Dan Antion.

One thought on “Contrasting Skys”

  1. I would not want to wake up to that noise. Although Maddie, our 6 month old Irish Setter was startled yesterday by a huge flock of geese. I don’t think she had ever been outside when one went over before.

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