Spring activities getting underway

First off,  there has been some outside activity at Spirit Yachts for the first time this year (thatI have seen). here they are putting the mast into a new boat.


Then we saw it going out on a test


That seems to be a great way to make a living!

Next, we have had some sad news regarding the Wet Dock swans. If you remember, I mentioned that the pair seem to be much more accommodating this year when it comes to Canadian Geese using the Wet Dock. In fact,we have found out, courtesy of David Jay on Trimilea, that there has been some bad news regarding our swans. If you missed his comment made recently, it said this:

“Our female resident swan had her neck broken by b*****d yobs last year and our male resident had to back taken to a sanctuary in December having suffered neck damage. The two swans seen recently are new to the marina.”

That is very sad news. The new arrivals, however, are settling in – ignoring Suntis:



Suntis, as usual, has come and gone. It went out at about 8.30 on Tuesday.


No matter how many times I see it happen, I am always impressed with the way that they take such a large boat out through the lock, backwards and in the dark.




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