Confused, but finally sorted

We were both sitting on the balcony reading our books- yes, it has been that sort of day – 17C – when what looked like HMS Trumpeter came in. Well, I wasn’t fussed as I have taken lots of images of Trumpeter so didn’t rush for the camera. Oh, look, said Valerie, it is called “Blazer”. Ah. Now I did run for the camera as I hadn’t “spotted” Blazer before. After taking the pictures, I rushed to the Internet to look her up.

Well, you know that HMS Trumpeter is a Fast Patrol Boat and is allocated to the Cambridge University training squadron.  Well, HMS Blazer is the same type of vessel but is allocated to Southampton and Portsmouth University training squadron.

Full details can be found on the HMS Blazer page.

She tied up opposite us, but after about 10 minutes or so, moved down to the hammerhead just beyond Trumpeter’s normal berth. Interestingly, unlike Trumpeter, she didn’t turn round before berthing.







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