We missed them coming in – and we missed them going out – sort of

Today was a similar day to yesterday form – Hospital but then the weekly shopping. This means that we missed the massed ranks leaving. I did manage to get a few shots.

Firstly, unlike last time, the organisers put up a message to explain the event. This image was taken outside the door to 51 Patteson Road.


It was flapping in the wind and it is difficult to take a phone one handed so this is as good as it gets. Basically, it tells us that this is the 26th Race of the Classics and refers back to its web site. Unfortunately, unless you are fluent in the language you might says that it is “all Dutch to me”!

Anyway, here are the shots I managed to take.








Last time, there was very little publicity but this time, it appears, even ITV Anglia News is in on the act.


Back to more mundane things. They are threatening to clean the stucco on the outside of our apartment block. They were supposed to start a couple of weeks ago. Today, these two turned up and are still here this afternoon. Not that they have done anything, of course.



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