We have our own Tall Ships – and a friend returns

Having got excited about all the Dutch ships last week, it is easy to forget that we have a lot of our own. However, these aren’t often referred to as “tall ships”. I have an interest in Thames Barges but over the winter they have been few and far between in the Wet Dock. Now the weather is getting better, we are seeing them with a better frequency.

So, today, we have two old friends:

Firstly, Victor was going out.



Note the green and white “bob” at the top of the mast. Then Thistle came in.


Again, note the “bob” showing the strength of the wind!

Lastly, I didn’t see this come in but Queen Galadriel was to be seen berthed up further down the dock.


Now to the old friend. This one’s berth has been empty for quite a while since she went off to Portsmouth and then to St. Katharine’s Dock – just by the Tower of London. Now she is back and the view looks right again. Who is she? Good, old “Song of the Whale” of course!


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