Mostly freighters today

We had a large chemical tanker come in – the Marinus, registered in Denmark and 7,082 tons dry weight (dwt).


We also had the H&S Wisdom leave. She is registered in the Netherlands and is 1,842 dwt.



A little bit later, we went through the usual Suntis leaving “performance” Firstly, they cast off and use the bow screw to move the bow away.


The two chaps walking along are the Port crew that releases the cables.

They then hit the stern with power.

IMG_0305The port crew then followed up in their own launch.


We then have the fun of watching Suntis reverse through the lock. This is something that is always interesting and clever.




Later, for some reason, the road in front of Anglo-Norden filled up with road tankers.


Lastly, an unusual yacht came in. Most of these that we see are modern boats and pretty much they all look the same. This was obviously a vintage boat. Nice to see.


Then, to catch up to this morning, HMC Seeker left at high tide so that she could go straight through the lock.


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