What has happened to Suntis?

This weekend was the normal scheduled visit from Suntis. It was due at Ipswich late on Sunday but we guesses that it wouldn’t come through the lock on Easter Monday and we expected it early Tuesday morning. We are a bit confused because, as at 14.00 on Wednesday, it is still not here. As you know, we normally track it using the iPad Marine Traffic App. Well, this was what it showed on Tuesday.



As you can see, it is shown as being just off Felixstowe with its destination as Ipswich and its arrival timed at 23.00 on 20th – Sunday. The data shown is marked as being up to date as at 07.08 on 22nd – Tuesday. To check up on this, I have taken another screen shot as at 15.00 today and it still seems to be in the same place.


So, I ask again – what is happening?

One thought on “What has happened to Suntis?”

  1. According to my tracking app, it’s anchored off the coast at Felixstowe with an ETA 20th April. I think it’s been hijacked by Rough Towers pirates!

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