Reasons to be cheerful!

After a few dismal posts, it is time to look outwards again.

We did a trip around the Island last night and got some images of the changes since I last reported.

It was good to be able to get close to the new Sprit Yachts boat that is on stands outside their workshop.





I am always supremely impressed with the quality of the woodworking on these boats. The person who has bought this is getting a gem!

I also took some shots of the flats going up on Stoke Quay. They are getting close to completion.




As a last little note, the Revenue cutters that used to come into the Wet Dock regularly are now mooring out in the commercial port so we don’t see them up close. This is Valiant arriving yesterday.



Lastly, we noticed that Suntis is now underway from Goole so it looks as though the investigations are complete. They must also have shipped some new crew in.  It is now out in the North Sea but it hasn’t declared a destination yet.

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