Suntis is back

I thought that I would give a good review of Suntis’ first time back since the tragedy.

She came in on Monday morning. This time she was to dock at Gasworks Wharf rather than at her normal berth on Eagle Wharf. It seems that Anglo-Norden use Gasworks Wharf once a year purely because they have permission to do so and by using it they establish that right. Hence they do it on a regular basis. It is not as convenient as using Eagle Wharf as Eagle Wharf is directly outside their gates and thus they only have to close the road in front of them between Patteson Rad and Ship Launch Road. When they use Gasworks Wharf, they have to close all the way from their gates right up to and beyond the Aurora Restaurant. As the restaurant is closed on a Monday, provided that they get the job done in one day, then there are no problems. Last year they had two cranes going and the activity was frantic. This year, they only had one and it was more relaxed but it did extend to Tuesday afternoon which left Suntis sitting outside of The Aurora for most of Tuesday evening.

Still this is not my problem. I just tell you what goes on.

Suntis came through the lock in daylight on Monday morning around 8.30.

IMG_0539 (1)

Simple observations from our balcony lead us to think that there were more crew on board than other times and each member that we saw was in a high-biz jacket and most were wearing safety helmets.


IMG_0540 (1)


We shouldn’t complain about noise or disruption because Anglo-Norden was here before we were so we came knowing that there was a wood yard next door. However, when they unload from Eagle Wharf, the fork lifts go in and out forwards and the journeys are short. When they use Gasworks Wharf, it is a bit different. They have much longer to travel; they crash noisily over the tarmac area outside the yard and they come back from loading in reverse so we get the beep-beep-beep!

I have taken a short video to explain what I mean.

The fork lifts crash quite noisily as the come over the tarmac. It’s a bit quieter when they are on the paving. Still, it is only once a year, we hope, so we can live with it. I only notice as I was here most of the day with the patio doors open in the sunshine.

They finished during the afternoon and Suntis then had to wait until high tide before it could leave. The lock gates were both open just before 10pm and so she did her usual backing out. This is always impressive.




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