Blast! I got the time wrong!

Today is theQueen’s official birthday. It is always commemorated by the Trooping of The Colour at Horse Guards in London. Each year one of the 5 Guards regiments is chosen and one of their companies has their ensign paraded. The Colour being paraded on Horse Guards this year was the flag of Nijmegen Company Grenadier Guards.

The BBC has a photo album of today’s event HERE. If I can find any videos of the event I will post them as soon as I can.

This is a really great event. If you love military band music and marching guardsmen, then this should be for you.

Here is a video of the bands marching back from a rehearsal, just to give you a flavour.

At the end of the parade, the Queen goes back to Buckingham Palace, comes out onto the balcony and watches the Royal Airforce fly past. The most amazing this is that a lot of the aircraft that take part formate over the sea and then fly in over the top of our apartment block. Yes! Really! I went over to the other side of the wet dock at 11.30 expecting them to appear around 12.00 but after one hour nothing had happened. I assumed that they had taken a different route. The reason I wanted to be over the other side was because it is better to photo aircraft coming towards you than going away. I came back and at 12.45 I heard them. I rushed out onto the balcony and at least got these shots.

We don’t get the helicopters and we don’t get the Battle of Britain group but we do get the rest.  This is the formation that they used this year


These are the best I got. I know what to do next year. The first image is of the 2 x HS125 and the E3D


The next is the C17!


Following that we had the Voyager flanked by 3 x Typhoons and 3 x Tornado GR4.


These are the GR4s


Lastly and best of all, we had the Red Arrows – who were putting out white smoke!


There was a family with you boys crab fishing below our balcony. You should have heard then cheer when the Red Arrows came over!

It shows what a grey day it was because all of these images are in full colour! Yes, even the Red Arrows as you can see from this heavily cropped version – just!


Next year I will be in the right place.

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