Life in the Wet Dock

I took these photos a few days ago but have only just got around to putting them on the blog.

The Wet Dock looks like a busy place, completely taken over with yachts etc. However, there is a lot of life in and around the water. I have often used photos of swans, geese and seagulls. Over the last few days, though, the fish have been very active. We have been watching them jump out of the water quite regularly. However, to get a photo of this activity requires rather more luck then I have been blessed with. Last Sunday was a lovely day – warm and bright. Something in that brought the fish to the surface in their masses. This was taken from our balcony.



These are Grey Mullet and they seem to grow quite big. It is not surprising then that they should be food for one of our largest inhabitants. The Wet Dock Seal.



We always feel quite privileged when we see him/her swimming around. I just missed a shot of a head raised right up out of the water but this was the next best one that I caught. It is great fun trying to guess where the seal will surface when it dives down. We have sometimes seen it surface with a fish in its mouth. There must be smaller fish because we see cormorants coming up with smaller ones in their mouths but I am not sure what type they might be. Still, it makes for interesting watching. We regard ourselves as extremely lucky to witness such things.

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