Road resurfacing on Helena Road

There was a lot of noise outside yesterday. On investigation, I saw a really strange vehicle coming down Helena Road.


It turned out that they were just starting to resurface the road. We had lots of interesting vehicles so I did a bit of a photo shoot.


The lorries taking the waste were very clever in the way that they kept themselves just ahead of the other machine but also managed to move ahead and back to ensure that the whole of the lorry was filled.



Then they needed to clean up the rubble so the sweeper lorry came along.





This machine was the one that would lay the new tarmac.


The lorry behind it had to move forward at exactly the right speed to keep the tarmac falling from the back onto the laying machine. Very clever, although I guess that they have done this before 🙂





A small road roller ( I missed taking a photo of that) then did its job leaving the surface nice and smooth and compacted. They finished to other part off today and started on the edges. More photos when they come back. They also had men running liquid tar along the edges to seal them.




It seemed that this was all that they were going to do so I took a shot of the pot holes along the edge of the dock. I do hope that they are going to do these as well.


One thought on “Road resurfacing on Helena Road”

  1. They have been working this magic on the roads along my commute for the past month. Summer in New England, cleaning up the potholes from Winter in New England.

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