Border Force again

Firstly, here is the photo from Saturday of the two guys from the Border Force that chatted with me. Their wry grins come from me asking them to say “West Ham” when I took the shot. For those furriners out there, West Ham is a famous (infamous) football club in East London and not everyone’s favourite team (but it is mine and my son’s).


They, yesterday evening, HMC Seeker returned. Remember that this came in last week when HMC Valiant was in and the guys above told me that it was to shelter from the tail end of Hurricane Bertha. Well, they are here for a normal visit now!





The last two show the boat doing a three point turn before docking. Obviously, the one steering likes to be pointing the way out. I find it amazing how the light changes in the Wet Dock with a slight change of viewpoint!


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