Update on Our Josie Grace

Remember me saying that the fishing boat that visited last year – Nicola Ann – had been replaced by Our Josie Grace. Well, I had the opportunity to speak to the crew the other day.


We had found out, from our iPad app that tracks boats, that Nicola Ann was up in the Hebrides. I am told that she was sold and replaced by Our Josie Grace as this was a much newer boat than Nicola Ann. They use the boat for fishing off the Suffolk coast and catch Sea Bass which, as explained before, they sell to a Dutch merchant who then sell the fish onto Italy and Greece! They load up the Dutch lorries from Orwell Quay here. It seems that we have them with us for some time as I was told that they have paid the fees for the Wet Dock for a quarter. Expect more on this!

Mind you, they will have a few problems every fortnight. Anglo-Norden have had trouble with people parking cars up against the dock overnight on a Sunday when Suntis is due. Recently, there has been one car that has been left there all day Monday. This is quite tricky for them and dangerous for the car owner as they are swinging large piles of wood around on cranes overhead! To try and stop this, Anglo-Norden have taken to blocking the quay off over the weekend when Suntis is due. She is due this weekend so this is what the quay looks like this morning.


As good as this is for Ango-Norden it isn’t much fun for the families that like to come down over the weekend and teach the children to go crabbing and so on. It also creates a parking problem for the Aurora restaurant as it relies on this area for parking for their popular Saturday night and Sunday lunch booking. It is even less fun for Our Josie Grace as she has to tie up elsewhere for the duration. Let’s hope that the large Dutch articulated lorry isn’t due until Tuesday!


Anglo-Norden have the right to close the road on a number of days each year but I am not sure about their rights to block off the quayside at other times.

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