A new view of the Jack Up Barge

I have shown you images before of the Red 7 Marine mono-hull Jack Up Barge – Haven Seaway – but we haven’t seen it “jacked up” before. There is a company down from us that refurbishes these things. Normally, they just sit there and you just see them get a little brighter before they are taken away.

This time, they have “jacked” it up so I took the opportunity of taking a photo.The first was taken on Thursday.


The second one, taken on Friday, shows it along with the crane with cage full of personnel coming down. I missed them going up – but then I can’t spend all day watching! (It’s a pity that it lines up exactly with the electricity pylon behind but then I can’t change my position much!) For more information on the barge check out the Red7 web site. It is a PDF but I can’t find a pure web page.


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