HMS Quorn

It was a big day today. HMS Quorn (named after the Quorn Hunt – not the veggie food!) arrived in Ipswich. She has a long affiliation with Ipswich and, as I understand, she will be here for 5 days. Seeing Suntis come and go through the lock every other week has made us familiar with the technique but we aren’t talking about a “bog standard” freighter here. We are talking about a multi-million pound warship that, should it hit the sides of the dock, will result in a court marshall for the captain! Hence, we have two tugs and a 10 minute procedure.

I took lots of photos and two videos. The first one is 10 minutes long and is the whole trip through the lock. I have trimmed this down to 2 1/2 minutes showing the end bit.

The next video shows it negotiation the Wet Dock. The sounds you can hear in both videos are the commands being given on the bridge. They relayed these on a loudspeaker.

Lastly, I took the whole 10 minutes and ran it through iMovie at 8x speed!

The tweeting of the birds is the sound track speeded up as well as I forgot to remove it!

All three videos were taken on my Canon 700D on a tripod. I have learned and now I put the camera into manual focus mode otherwise you get to hear the sound of the lens focusing all the time.

I have lots of static images but I will post them in the next blog entry.

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