Just a normal couple of days

As I have to get back into the swing of this, I thought that I would show a “normal” day – yesterday 13th March.

Firstly, Black Molly raised her sail and then put it away again. Just testing, I guess.


Our Josie Grace is the replacement fishing boat that we had last year. (I think that I have mentioned this.) She now sits over by the lock gates on a regular basis. Sometimes she pulls over to our side to unload or to fix nets but her regular place now seems to be here:


We had a bit of a bother on the A14 recently when Fairline had a boat moved from Oundle, near Peterborough,. The boat was so wide that it blocked the road. Well, the number of boats sitting outside their facility changes quite regularly and, strangely, we never seem to see boats come or go! Still, this is the current situation. There is a lot of money sitting there!



Lastly, as I am doing this on Saturday and not the 13th, I will bring you some news of “Song of the Whale”. Now, in 2012, she went off to the Mediterranean for some months but she stayed here all of last year. A few days ago she left Ipswich and went down to Margate on the Kent side of the Thames estuary. It seems that she was checking on the porpoise activity in the Thames. I was tracking her coming back to the Wet Dock and was following her down the Orwell. I got distracted by the F1 qualifying in Melbourne. When I next looked, she was calmly docked in her old berth over by Trimilea. Still, a photo of Song of the Whale is never wasted!


I hope that these daily activities aren’t boring and I will now try and keep it up somewhat regularly.

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