The view from the balcony

As there isn ‘t much going on, I thought that I would give you a few shots over the day. The idea was that I did a morning late afternoon and nighttime shot. I did the two later ones yesterday and the  plan was to take the daytime one today when the sun was shining. Some hope! It is overcast today. Still, the idea still works so here goes.

Technically, the daytime and evening one were both taken with my iPhone using the DMD Panorama free app. With this, you just start it off and move the camera around the shot making sure that the two little icons on the screen match. Each time they match, the software takes a picture and then stiches the whole thing together. The nighttime one was more difficult as I had to mess around with exposures so this one was taken using my real nice Canon 700D digital SLR on a tripod (no flash). I set the lens to f22 and 2 seconds exposure, then carefully turned the camera on the tripod and took the pictures using the live view on the LCD. I then stitched the resulting images together using PhotoShop. Easy!

Firstly the daytime one (iPhone).

51 Patteson Road, Ipswich - England, United Kingdom

Then the early evening shot (iPhone)

51 Patteson Road, Ipswich - England, United KingdomLastly the Evening shot (Canon 700D)

night panorama

Don’t forget that you can see larger versions by right clicking on any image and seeing it in a new tab or window.

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