Back to normal – It is Suntis time again

So getting back in the swing of things, I should cover the normal things. After two years in the apartment, we have got a bit used to Suntis arriving every two weeks or so but I thought that I would cover it again as I haven’t spent any time on it for a long while. It arrived in Ipswich yesterday but only came through the lock this morning.



No matter how many times I see them do it I am always impressed with the skill involved.

The Port always provides staff to assist with the tying up.

IMG_2132 (1)

IMG_2133 (1)




When I did the entry the other day, I mentioned that Anglo-Norden put out blocks to stop parking when Suntis is due. Well, there is always someone who gets in the way. This time, it is a little red mini.


This one is quite easy to work around. Let’s hope that it doesn’t get damaged.

One thought on “Back to normal – It is Suntis time again”

  1. You can watch vessels berthing on a regular basis and for many years but I still find it amazing how easy it looks when done by experts. And most of us think that car parking is difficult sometimes!
    Also have seen some not so good arrivals over the years!!!!

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