Visitors in and out

Firstly, though, it has been extremely windy here. I went out on the balcony to have a look at the windsock that flies over the port. I wasn’t able to see it. Further investigations make me think that it has been blown away! I don’t have much to show you for the wind strength but check out the water in the wet dock on Wednesday afternoon.


We had a new arrival yesterday – The North Eastern Guardian. This appears to be a Fisheries vessel normally based in Whitby.



This is what NE-IFCS (North East Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority) has to say:

North Eastern Guardian III is a 26 m aluminium single hull vessel, built and delivered in November 2008 by UKI workboat in Finland. The vessel is powered by twin 1000 KW Cat C32 diesel engines capable of a top speed of 26 knots. North Eastern Guardian III is unique in her class. She has been designed and equipped to operate as a state of the art research/monitoring platform carrying Acoustic Ground Discrimination, sub sea surveying and biological/benthic habitat assessment equipment. NEG III remains the most modern and versatile vessel in the inshore fisheries fleet.

The vessel is berthed in Whitby North Yorkshire and undertakes offshore fisheries patrol and research work throughout the Authority’s district. This resource is also available for chartering by external organisations and to date has supported habitat assessment and monitoring work, bird and cetacean survey work and fisheries assessment projects.

They have an extensive pdf about the vessel. You can download it from HERE

It left yesterday along with our other two visitors. Firstly, Alert went out,


shortly followed out by HMRC Valiant.


The weather has calmed down now but it is quite miserable for a Good Friday Bank Holiday.

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