It is getting a bit busier as the days go by

First off, we had a catamaran, moored over the way, opening up its sail for a check after the winter. A nice colourful addition to the day.



Next, there was some sort of safety/emergency management event going on down at Gasworks Quay – we didn’t know it was happening and couldn’t see it from our balcony. These guys were part of it.


When it was over, we were woken up by the fire engine that had been there. It came out and when it reached our block it suddenly put its “blues and twos” on and dashed up Patteson Road.

Then we had the fishing boat getting active. Firstly, a tanker arrived to fill the tanks.


Then the usual Dutch lorry arrived for the fish. It always seems amazing but they tell me that they get better prices from the Dutch (who freeze the fish and then send it off to Greece and Portugal) rather than sell it in the UK!


You can see that Anglo-Norden were getting ready for Suntis – they have laid out wood piles to stop parking along the quay. Suntis was due on Friday but turned up on Thursday evening. Given that it never moors in the wet dock over a weekend, we guessed that there would be a rush to unload it. It turned out that way as two cranes arrived on Friday morning. They need two to do the unload in one day. Suntis will probably go out on the high tide later tonight.


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