Just a nice day!

It is just a nice day today so I thought I would let you see how nice it can be when the sun shines, but firstly, Melissa went out.


Then, I noticed that Trinovante had moved down to the berth that usually holds HMS Trumpeter. I was a bit confused because I thought that she was still opposite us. When I looked properly, she had been replaced by another old friend – Queen Galadriel!




The main event happened later in the day. We heard a helicopter flying very low. I assumed that it was the Police helicopter but, on closer inspection, it was the East Anglian Air Ambulance. I rushed to put my big lens on the camera as it was flying around down the other end of the Wet Dock. I got some good shots which I have put together in IMovie rather than as a slideshow. The full story (well not much actually) can be read on the Ipswich Star Web Site.

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