A new tall ship and some old friends

We have seen a few tall ships lately but yesterday we had a new one for us. This is the Dutch vessel Atlantis. She is a Barquentine. There is a nice description of her on the Southend Timeline web site. It says

“The Atlantis was built in 1905 in Hamburg as a light ship and served as such in the Outer Elbe River near Station Elbe II. Then she was taken out of service. Just like other light ships the underwater lines of the Atlantis have the classical shape of a sailing ship. After a thorough restoration the Atlantis began her second life in 1984. With the rigging of a barkentine she sails the seas of Western Europe and the Caribbean. In 2005 the windjammer was taken over by the Tallship Company and underwent another metamorphosis, while maintaining her traditional atmosphere and stylish interior. Since 2006 the Atlantis sails mainly around the Balearic Islands and the south coast of France and guarantees that our guests leave with unforgettable memories of a unique ship.”

She is quite large and thus came in backwards to save having to turn around in the Wet Dock.


Then we have a close up of her prow.


Then, today, another old friend arrived. This is the Lowestoft fishing smack – LT472. Maritime Heritage East has a full description of this interesting little ship.


Lastly, I had a look down to where Atlantis is berthed and saw that there was another regular docked along with her. This is the dredger Norma – we have seen her a few times before. All I have is a stern shot but, Hopefully, I will get a better one when she leaves.


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