A busy couple of days

Back to the old days – it is certainly getting more lively. Firstly, not only is Norma in the Wet Dock. She has now been joined by two more.

One is the UKD Sealion. So, we have a second dredger in the Wet Dock. They do have to dredge out the Orwell regularly so I assume that this is the start of the dredging season.



Next, we had a visit from Alert, the Trinity House rapid intervention vessel.




On a less formal basis, Thistle came back in. We haven’t seen much of Thistle this year so it was good to see her back in operation.




Lastly, the tug Fenland came back in on the same lock release as Thistle.



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  • I try and put links onto any thing of interest to save me filling the blog up with detail. Please click on any link to see more (as in the links above for Thistle and Alert).

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