Catch up after a few days

It has been business as usual on the Waterfront. The traffic in yachts coming and going is picking up as the weather gets better. We have the usual Thames barges and the Orwell Lady making trips up and down. Here is Thistle coming back in after a day sailing around the Orwell/Stour estuaries.


Suntis has arrived so we expect it to come through the lock on the next high tide.


The only item of interest there is whether they will bring in two cranes and get it back out in one day or do the usual two day process. If anything interesting happens, I will let you know.

I have shown you a lot of sunsets over the few years of the blog but we had a fairly special one last week.


This could almost be the smoke from a fire in or behind the new flats on Stoke Quay but it is only a cloud. I like that shot a lot.

There has been a lot of work taking place around the lock control tower recently. More cranes and diggers.


I am not sure what they are doing or how far they have got with the new flood defences though. They have taken to parking Our Josie Grace – the fishing boat – next to the lock gates. Just as I was writing this, she went off down the Wet Dock – presumably to get some fuel.


My son-in-law, Russell, is an active scout leader and is building up his qualifications for sailing and canoeing. This weekend, he had a training session on one of the scout owned boats that moor opposite us. His two days on “Ocean Scout” had him tripping around the Stour estuary. Here he is arriving back yesterday.


Russell is on the extreme right of the photo. Whilst he was coming through the lock there was a family down below us who were feeding the seagulls. You can always tell when you see them in bulk.


Just to finish off, something very strange happened in Patteson Road. My grandson arrived (he was here to await his dad coming off Ocean Scout) and said that someone had thrown a TV out of a window. Now, hearing something like this is bound to make anyone a bit skeptical so I leaned over the end of the balcony and, using my flexible display screen on the camera, took a picture round the corner.


Yup – that really is a TV smashed after dropping from a height. It would be untraceable as to who did it and it was lucky that there was no one there!

2 thoughts on “Catch up after a few days”

  1. That last picture makes me feel quite nostalgic for the days when rock bands used to trash hotel rooms. If you see a Rolls Royce parked in the dock, do let us know 😉

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