A different crane for Suntis

I wonder why they don’t use this one all of the time? We expected to see two cranes today as we assumed that Anglo-Norden would like to see Suntis gone quickly to avoid getting in the way of the quayside works. However, apart from some rolling out of the gravel covering, nothing seems to be happening on that front.

There is only one crane working on Suntis so they are obviously looking to see it leave on tomorrow evening’s high tide. The only interesting thing to say is that they have a different type of crane in use and it is surprising that they don’t use it every time. It doesn’t have a regular cab like the others but the cab for driving seems to be the cab for running the crane. The cab can be raised and lowered so when they are in the bowels of the ship they don’t seem to need a third person (or a waved bamboo pole) to give the crane driver instructions. As you can see, the cab can be lifted up so that he can see without help.


I have included a wide angle shot of the whole crane just for my friend Dan in Connecticut. He has a thing about cranes;_0


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