A break from engineering – life is for the birds

It’s Sunday morning and I am going off for the day to a scale plastic model show. Just before I left, Valerie called me to see two families of Canadian Geese that were promenading along Orwell Quay.



Maybe the geese would ignore the sign – everyone else does. We get regular parking and fishing but no swimming since last year. Mind you, the weather would have to become summery for anyone to jump in the water! It has been more like October here than June.

When I came home later in the day, we got a little visitor onto our balcony.


This little pigeon seemed quite content to sit on the chair and look out over the waterfront.  It seemed completely oblivious to me being around. I went out onto the balcony and had a little chat with it.


You can see how close I was able to get and how it ignored me. It then tried to fly off but was confused by the glass and kept crashing into it. Finally, I had to pick it up – again, that shows how tame it was. I held it over the edge of the balcony and gave it a little throw and it flew off very nicely down to the wood yard.

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