They used up the coarse gravel – and other things

First off, today, a cement lorry arrived.



It turned out the cement was to be used for filling bags that were to reinforce the outer edges of the piling. They cleverly put the three barriers together to hold a bag open then used a funnel to get the cement into each bag with minimal spillage.


The scoop was used to mix some sand into the cement.


You can just see a bag down the side.




In the end they used the scoop to shift the cement bags.


They then used the scoop to disperse the coarse gravel into both ends of the piling, although they only had enough to fully complete one end.



I assume that some more gravel will be delivered tomorrow. I am interested in what they are going to do with the top surface. If you look carefully, you can see all of the foot marks already. In any case, this would blow away with any of the winds that we have had lately.


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