Further work on the quayside

The pathway along the quayside was quite badly damaged during the recent work so they came back on Friday to start the making good process.

IMG_3508 IMG_3509 IMG_3583

It’s a pity that they just dumped the old sand onto the grass verge but I suppose that the new growth will cover all that up. So far, they have only done this bit. We presume that they will come back over time and do the rest as this wasn’t, by any means, the worst bit.

I got to talk to the man telling the workers what to do and I leaned some interesting facts.

I asked about the fact that they kept the old wall in place when they laid the new one. It appears that there are three existing walls still in place. The first dates from the 1770s and is situated half way across the current road. This is a wall made of green oak and was laid by Dutch workmen. The second was laid in Victorian times. It is constructed of brick and lies approximately along the line of the pathway/grass delineation. Both of these are still in place. The one that was causing the problems this time was the wall that was constructed in the 1950s. This was the one with the rusted iron walls that has now been covered up by the new filling. So, the first one lasted approximately 120 years; the second around 100 years; the last one 70 years!

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