Building up to a big weekend on the Waterfront at Ipswich

This week we will be having the Ipswich Maritime Festival for 2015. This is one of the high spots of the year. I missed out on the previous big weekend because of my arthritis but I should be more mobile from tomorrow so I am hoping to get into the thick of it. The weekend just gone was  of glorious weather and everyone took advantage to take their boats out. The Wet Dock was a bit like Piccadilly Circus (well, not quite but you know what I mean). There were long queues for the lock in both directions.


One thing had skipped my notice. Do you remember the boat that was moored opposite for a very log while. This is the one that had the canvas cover that had a nice entry hole for the seagulls? Well, it went away last year. Suddenly, it is back moored up against Fenland.

IMG_3582 (1)

Since Monday, we have had a succession of new visitors. The first was an unusual Dutch boat called ‘Maes’.


It was very noisy and churned the water up quite a lot as it left.


I was impressed with the high-tech seat that the owner was using when steering the boat!IMG_3603

Following that, we have had two unusual boats come in but neither of them has a name that I can find. Does anyone out there IMG_3607

Normally, I can wait for a shot of the stern to get the name but I couldn’t see anything there at all.IMG_3608?

That was yesterday. Today, a similar  thing happened. This boat looks like a very comfortable home.


I do like the bicycle!


Also, I was interested in the high-tech stern!

As part of the preparations, they needed a new sign on the quay below us. Three men came along to put up the sign.


So, we are getting ready for the big weekend. Lots to see and do, so if you can come, do!

Lastly, one thing I can never resist is a sunset. Last night we had a very fiery one over the Maltings.


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