Ipswich Maritime Weekend – 15th – 16th August 2015 – Part 3 – WW1

Quite a large part of the weekend is taken by a group on re-enactors of the first World War vintage. All the way down Neptune Marina and beyond was lined with stalls offering different views of that time. It was a really exceptional demonstration of dedication to an era. Again, I am not going to attempt to annotate every photo as most of them are self explanatory.


This girl was really playing hymns on the Harmonium, whilst pumping the air with her feet!






Time for a cup of char!


Signalling gear.



I wonder what effect this gun had on the war?


Russian re-enactors.


German re-enactors


These last two photos have little stories attached. In the first one, the lady is smiling because she was sitting there with a plastic cup of tea/coffee in her hand. I have just asked her to “lose the cup, please?” Edwardian dress and plastic cups don’t go together!


In this image of the concert party, the lady was sitting there and just when I went to take the photo, she started to get up and go on stage – so I called and asked here if she could sit down again. The man is laughing because, in his own words, ‘I have been trying to get her out of that chair all afternoon and just as she was moving, you asked her to sit back!”


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