Ipswich Maritime Weekend – 15th – 16th August 2015 – Part 4 – Everything else

The boats, food and WW1 re-enactment were the main features of the weekend but there was lots going on apart from that. Here is a quick overview of the best of the rest.

As you can see, the event was very well attended. As the weather held out for both days, this continued.


There is always a small fun fair.




Coffee link had a very nice old time Citroen van set up as snack bar (as we used to call them).


Heart Radio were there giving out flyers but Valerie wouldn’t have liked me making to much of the pretty girls doing the distribution – grin.


There has been a lot of work going on at Isaacs recently. This is the result. Very impressive.


Now, if you are going to visit Ipswich then this is how to do it. Mostly, the Fairline yachts that we see are going off to be delivered to some lucky customer. Here we have one ‘lucky customer’ back in the Wet Dock. Very nice.IMG_3661

Balloons are always popular with the kids.


I think that I know what this means!


In the middle of all the chaos is this wonderful memorial to those brave souls of the Merchant Navy that gave their lives during WWII. I hope that everyone who passed stopped, read and pondered how lucky they are that there were such people.


This is the V.I.C. 96 – a traditional steam powered coaster – one of many that would have plied their trade up and down the coasts of Britain delivering everything and anything.


This chap gave a brilliant performance on his own such that I stopped and listened to a couple of songs. The stage was set on the boat that came in on Thursday – remember, I said that it didn’t have a name – if you look carefully, it did have a stage.

Three Thames Barges all in a line – nice!


Finally, I got back to Orwell Quay. As you can see, the Aurora Restaurant was doing great business.


4 thoughts on “Ipswich Maritime Weekend – 15th – 16th August 2015 – Part 4 – Everything else”

  1. Well done David – a great series of photos, as ever.
    It’s great to see how the Maritime Festival has grown over the years, so I was surprised to hear that IBC have already decided to cancel next year’s in favour of “something different”. Let’s hope they know what they’re doing!

  2. IBC do lots of strange things with the Waterfront. The constant demand that they join it to the town without realising that people are reluctant to cross the one way system. Spend some money an a bridge and clear Pauls and the grotty car park out and it would be immeasurably better.

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