Ipswich Maritime Weekend – 15th – 16th August 2015 – Part 1 – The Boats

Of late, I haven’t been able to cover these weekend due to difficulties with walking but I have recently got myself a wheelchair which makes it much easier for me to traverse the Waterfront. Firstly, just to show off my new toy, here I am buzzing around on the sea wall at Felixstowe.

There is so much to show that to do it in one blog entry would be ridiculous. As a consequence, I have split it into four. The first one concentrates on some of the new visitors to the Wet Dock.

Firstly, we have the Thames Barge Pudge. Pudge was built in 1922 as a carrier of general cargo until 1940 when she was requisitions for Operation Dynamo – the evacuation of Dunkirk. She was involved in an exciting incident when when the tug towing her hit a mine. She survived and brought 300 survivors and servicemen home to England.


She has a Bob consisting of a gold wheel emblem on a red & black background.


No name on the next one but it was used as a stage down by Gasworks Quay (see a later blog post)





The next is an Oakley Class lifeboat which was stationed at Buckie – nr. Lossiemouth in North East Scotland.IMG_3634



Lastly, I have saved two old favourites. In all of the time that we have been living on the Waterfront, we have rarely seen Suntis arrive during the day on a Sunday – especially in the summer. Well, in she came today giving a lot of people their first close up look at a decent sized merchant ship. They also got to see her coming through the lock which is always impressive.


Lastly, I have to show off our old friend Trimilea. She is well and truly decked out with her finest for the weekend. For those who don’t know of her, she is the old Ramsgate lifeboat and also took part in Operation Dynamo so she flies the Dunkirk Little Ships flag with much pride.


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