Bikes, Flags and things

Yesterday we had the Crafted Classique bike challenge. Basically, you could sign up, turn up outside the Cult on the Waterfront and go. They gave you a number and a timing chip. It was then up to you if you did 55k, 100k or 100 miles. I thought that we would see cyclists in bulk however, although it was well attended, at any one time there was only the occasional bikes going past. Here is the start/finish.


I went down the Waterfront but only got one quick shot of a pair of cyclists.


My old friend Ray came past on his bike having done the 55k route but apart from that, as it was such a lovely day I had a beer at the Aurora.


It was a day for special flags. Maybe David Jay of Trimilea can tell us what was going on. Firstly, he had a strange flag on his boat.

IMG_3762 (1)


Then there were three strung up on another boat nearby.


Lastly, the Orwell Lady came by having a pirate party.


One interesting boat went out of the lock. This was what I think is a 1930s type speed boat. In any case, it was an interesting boat to see. The condition was absolutely wonderful.

IMG_3756 (1)

IMG_3758 (1)

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