Lots of visitors this weekend

We had an influx of interesting boats this week. We have seen most of them before, but some are rare sights.

First off was Grey Test. Now, this is a Felixstowe tug boat. We normally only see these when there is some need of a tug in the port. This time, it came into the Wet Dock, stayed a few minutes, left again, then re-appeared.IMG_3796

We then had Haven Supporter. This looked as though it was in the midst of a new paint job, looking at all of the patches on its sides. More information on this vessel can be found HERE. Looking at here recent Itinerary on Marine Traffic web site, it appears to have been in and out and cruising around the North Sea.


Cwind Spirit turned up yesterday evening. This is a large, modern catamaran and is owned by CWind. Its main use is servicing the many wind farms off the coast of Suffolk. IMG_3820


It normally berths around near Spirit Yachts so I got a nice shot of it turning into its berth.


Lastly, one I missed coming in. On looking down the Wet Dock I saw that the Thames Barge – Will – had arrived. This barge looks quite different from the usual barges due to its high visibility paint job.

IMG_3818 (1)

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