Norma gets her refit

If you remember, a while ago I had an entry about Norma having one of her plough supports removed. Yesterday was the day for it to come back. I knew that I would miss the arrival of the rebuilt strut but I tried to get as much of the operation as I could.

Sorry about the  contrast but the apartment block shuts off a lot of the sun in the mornings. Here is Norma from the port side showing how the strut connects to the plough.IMG_3813

Here is the starboard side of Norma showing the distict lack of a strut connecting the plough to the boat.


The crane arrived around 7am but nothing happened until around 12 o’clock. We got back from shopping to see it all on the go so I nipped to the water’s edge to get a close up.


They already had the strut in place. You can see it here all nicely painted in a protective grey primer – as opposed to the old rusty colour of the plough. To show how technical it was, when I took the above picture one of the workmen was saying – “well, how about we…” which indicates an element of “make it up as you go” here.

As my friend Dan loves any photos of cranes I must show you the big picture.


They finally got it all sorted and Norma moved back to her usual berth at Gasworks Quay. I took a couple of close ups to show when they were testing the plough operation. Here it is rising gently out of the water.


This is the new bit at its junction to with the ploughIMG_3827

To finish, I took a shot of Norma at her berth but before I show the final image, I will repeat an image from a few days ago.


Here, you can see a distinct lean to the plough. It now looks like this:


Much better!

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