The weather wasn’t there for a good bank holiday weekend

This was a typical view down the port over most of the long weekend.


Isn’t it always the way when we have a long weekend in August that the weather feels like November?

We had a few interesting things over the weekend though. Firstly, the two scout boats came back.


These have been on a “Round Britain” trip over the summer. It seems that they have taken on a variety of groups as they have gone around. They visited many places, including Belfast, on their way around the coastline. Check out their Facebook pages for more details of all the things that they go0t up to. They are both back. One is in its regular place behind Thalatta but the other is on the end of the next hammer head.

IMG_3829 IMG_3830

WE had another visitor on Sunday.

IMG_3787 (1)

It came with an ABP security van in tow. It drove over to the parking area, stopped and then drove away. Not sure what that was about. I am not sure quite what make of car it is. On enlarging the image, it looks like a Porsche badge but it doesn’t look like a Porsche to me.

IMG_3789 (1)

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