Don’t Cross The Streams – Part 2

Still with memories of Ghostbusters – “Don’t cross the streams” I had to report on the unloading of Suntis this last week. It came in early Monday morning and had to be gone the same day so Anglo Norden got two cranes in. This shot reminded me of my previous post.


They were actually a long way from getting in each other’s way – thank goodness. I did get a “moody” shot as well.


Just for my friend Dan, here is a close up of one of the crane chassis.


At the same time as they were dealing with Suntis, SEH were relaying the paving along the quayside after the damage caused by the big crane (150 tons, I was told!).


Now that I am more mobile, I am able to get down the Waterfront more regularly. The 3rd September was not only the 76th anniversary of the outbreak of WWII, it was also Merchant Navy Day. The local branch of the Merchant Navy Association always has a commemorative service at the memorial outside the Cult Cafe. I always stop and think about the brave souls who risked the sea for the good of everyone else. I particularly remember my Uncle Frank who was in the Merchant Navy and was on a ship that was sunk during one of the Arctic Convoys. He was missing for 6 months, presumed dead, when he suddenly appeared at my Dad’s place of work having been on various ships trying to get home. No-one ever thought, in those days, to send a message saying that he was OK so my Dad was most surprised to see him alive! Here is the memorial with the wreaths in place.


Just by Neptune Marina is a map of the waterfront. There is one element on there that always amuses me – do you remember what it is Dan?


The black circle marks where you can get to after a five minute walk. It always tickles me when I see that they include the Island in that circle. By the time you have walked all the way down to Stoke Quay and round back along to the Last Anchor restaurant, etc. it would be way past 5 minutes!

Back to more sensible things! We drove around onto the island a couple of evenings ago – Valerie likes to look at our apartment block from the other side. We then drove on around Stoke Quay to see how they have squashed all the new apartment blocks into the area that they had available. We drove along the New Cut and stopped at the end of it.


You can just see the old Tolly Cobbold brewery on the far side just in line with the left bank.

I have now caught up on the week except for one little thing that happened this morning. The Thames barge Will came in earlier in the week and I couldn’t get a decent picture with it hard up against the dock down at Gasworks Quay. This morning, two little  orange tugs came through the lock at high tide. We were wondering what they were here for when we saw them taking Will out under their full control. I wonder why?


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